Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pocket Letter Pals

Wow have you seen the latest craze going on on Facebook and InstaGram? It is called Pocket Letter Pals. It all started when the creator  Janette Lane was trying to do Project Life on a budget. She found the baseball card inserts.. She then decided that this would be an awesome way to start saving PenPal letters for those folks that still wrote snail mail.  Here is her 1st video on how this came about.

Well I watched and I immediately wanted to be part of the new craze. What an awesome idea! And you only have 9 pockets for fill up. Of course you can go as elaborate as you want or take the simple route. It is up to you to decide how you want to present your pocket letter page. You then find someone who wants to exchange with you.hence the PenPal concept. So over on Facebook people will post their pocket letter and you request to do an exchange with them. There are also little holiday swaps you can join,. You can just get a group of your friends together and draw names and exchange Pocket letters like that. Just ask what do you like...birds, cats, dogs, what are your favorite colors? Or just make a surprise page. Now remember it is all about your creativity not about well look at hers mine is so plain. It is the thought that you put into it that counts. Sometimes the simplest things are the prettiest. I am so excited and I just want to make all kinds of Pocket Letters and have them ready to mail out.

What a great way to use up scraps of pretty paper. You cut your inserts to 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 and then add quotes, flowers, brads, buttons, washi tape, tea bags, coffee,  lace, ribbons, pictures from magazines, then add a little note about yourself, the things that you can put in  a pocket are limitless, You don't have to go out and buy anything just look around we all have something that we can insert into to pockets. I kept opening boxes last night and saying OMG can't wait to make another page just so I can put this in there. I was amazed how much I had. Just remember the more you add the more it will cost to mail.

I used CTMH paper call Hopscotch for this pocket letter. I had some left over buttons, twine and stickers. I put a tea bag in the middle and added some bling to it. While making this I was looking at all my stash and boy was I amazed how much product I had left over. We all have that one little flower left over or that one cute saying or that one clip. Why not mail it off to a Pocket Pal?  Once your page is complete just fold it into thirds and insert it into a #10 envelope. Of course if you made a really fat one you may have to put it in a padded envelope.. Don't forget the heavier and bulkier it is the more it will cost to mail. Rates for overseas usually start at $3. If you do decide to exchange with someone set a time frame  so you each well know that you have certain about of days to mail out your letters. There is always that chance that someone will not mail you a Pocket Letter back. Don't get discouraged  just get another Pocket Letter Pal or only exchange with those that you know for sure are going to mail one back to you. Have fun!

What do you do with your pages once you receive them? Well you can put them all together in a binder or even use some of inserts on a layout or a card. You can do this with anyone. You don't have to be a scrapper or a card maker to do this. All you need is imagination and baseball card insert pages. You can get these at $Tree or Walmart or any type of store.

I am excited to be part of this new group and I can't wait until I get my first Pocket Letter. 
Thanks everyone for looking and off to make my next Pocket Letter and make a new friend.

front of my Pocket Letter

the back of my Pocket Letter

wrapped in pretty paper

Ready to mail out to my new friend.

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