Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Uncle Arthritis

Well Uncle Arthritis has decided to come and move in to the Morrow household univitied. The nerve of the man..........well I knew it was bound to happen but I am so young (54) can't he find someone else to move in with??

It turns out  that I have bad knees but who doesn't?? I have bone spurs on both my knees and very little cartlidge left. Thank goodness my very cute Dr. said that I did not need surgery and that with excercsie and proper care I can improve the health of my knees. So first thing he said was that I would have to get a series of three injections..........WHAT!! So bravely I went back for them on Tuesday. Of course a lot of people said OMG it is going to hurt really pain at all....quit being a with all that in my head I braced myself. Okay he cleans the injection area and then sprays this super really, really cold spray on my knee..I guess to numb it. Then he said here we go.......holy crap Batman that hurt!!! By the time both knees were filled up with some clear who knows what he smiles and says all done and have a good day!! Really!!!

I get up to walk out of the room and I could hardly stand much for being a good I know why they took my payment  I leave the office hobbling like the hunchback of Notre Dame. I saw a little old lady in a walker and almost walkerjacked her for it.  I felt like a crab trying to get back in the water....

Well I made it to my car and drove to Hobby Lobby. I had to get a buggy which I never do and lean on it the whole time I was there. Let's just say that this was not one of my funnest trips to HL. The Doctor said what ever you do keep moving so bravely I went to the ribbon store to by some ribbon and made my Granddaughter Emma this baseball bow so she can show team spirit to her brother.
I think it came out kind of cute. She loved it and I asked her as she been wearing all the bows that I have made her and she said yes and that all the girls at school were jealous cause she has the best Grandma in the world........awwww shucks!!

Then feeling pretty good I sat and made these baseball charms to sell. I used the Base and Bling square and circle pendants (Z1962 and Z1964). I bought the charms at Hobby Lobby. I love the qualtiy of the pendants that CTMH sells. They are only $4.95 for a package of 3.
I told my boyfriend Adam that I should get an injection everyday. I was a crafting fool yesterday. I really enjoyed making the necklaces. They took me about two hours to make the all.

Thanks listening to me rant and rave about my knees. I took my body for granted but now is the time to really start taking care of it. If only I had listened when I was youner. There are millions of others that have more pain than I do but like the Doctor said pain is pain no matter how severe. I refuse to take drugs to get cured for anything so exercise it is. TFL!

Friday, March 21, 2014


Hello everyone, this month we are featuring use up those older brads/eyelets/durable studs/any metal that we have on hand. You should be coming from Janet McCormick's blog wasn't her use of her stash fantastic. This blog hop makes a full circle so if you get lost along the way head Joy McHargue's blog to see the entire list of hoppers.

I choose to do layout of my newest grandson Bryce Geoffery Morrow. He was born on March 14, 2014 which also happens to be his big brother Copper's birthday. No brother could ask for a better present. Cooper has been working hard at saying Bryce's name but he really just says Baby, baby a lot. He can say Bryce's name when he wants to. They are born two years apart.

I took this photo at the hospital a day after the baby was born. Matt,my son is the father, then there is Cooper just looking in awe at his new brother and then there is Bryce looking up to his big brother. This was not a staged setting it just worked out perfect. You can see the love in all their faces.

I used My reflections Babycakes X7173B paper pack for my base. I used the stripease that also came on top of the paper.
I used the Mini Melody Antiqued Copper Assortment photo corners on this photo.
I used the Bitty Brad Assortment for the rocking horses eye. I cut this horse out with my Brother Scan and Cut. This was one of the built in SVG cuts.
I used the Basic Brad Assortment in chocolate Z1218 for the periods after Bryce's name.
Then last but no least I used a tag from the Picture my Life Balloon Ride Z1948. It say "LIFE is the greatest adventure" I thought this was perfect because their life has just begun and it will be an adventure for them all.
I also used X5643 Chocolate CS and X5930 Slate CS and I inked the edges in Chocolate ink Z2111.
Thanks everyone for looking and now head on over to Judy Faye's blog and see how she just her stash of metals. TFL!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


This month we are featuring Pattern Switch...kind of like wife swap only better!! LOL! Anyway if you view the 2014 catalog you will see many good ideas. Lots of cards and layouts and fabulous 3-D items. We were to pick one thing and make it into something else. You should be coming from Michelle Battitori blog. Wasn't her project fantastic. If you get lost along the way go back to the beginning to Debi Barber blog to see the entire list. We have 9 players switching patterns.

I choose to make  layout from a card, I choose a card in the Lollydoodle WOTG cardmaking kit G1080.

I choose card number 3. There are three card patterns in this kit and you get enough material to make 15 finished cards plus it come with the cards bases and envelopes. You also get a cute stamp set with lots of bling. A great value for only $24.95.

Here is the sketch for card #3.

Here  is the picture of the layout I decided to make based on the sketch above. I used White Daisy CS (1385) for the base. Then I used a piece of B&T duos for the second layer. I also used Kraft CS (Z1375), Lagoon CS (X5762), Topiary (X5635) and finally Cotton Candy (X5760). I used Silver Shimmer Trim (Z1799), Sequin Dot Assortment, the Flamingo Dots (Z1934) and last but not least I used an Adhesive gem (Z3006) from the Lollydoodle Assortment. I cut the flourish and the banner at the bottom with my new cutting machine called the Brother Scan and Cut.

So thank you everyone for looking! Now head  to Melissa's blog blog to see what she switched. Leave a comment  or not. TFL!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

SNC Cuts for Card Class

My friend/Downline Ms. Joy called and asked if I would use my new Scan and Cut to cut her some shapes out for card class next week. I was up for the challenge...I thought.

After a few attempts and referring back to the manual several times I figured out how to save and add images to the screen so I could make multiple cuts. Once I got the hang of it my machine was cutting like crazy.

Obviously we are going to by using the CTMH stamp of the Month for March "Happy Place" S1403A. You can get this cute stampset for $5 by placeing a $50.00 order during the month of March,  So I cut the three nesting ladies for cardclass. I will post next week how our cards turned out. TFL!

cut with the SNC
closer version of what I cut out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

SNC cuts

Well so far I have been amazed with the new Brother Scan and Cut. So far it has done what it says it can do. Last night I grabbed differant stamp sets and stamped on some white cardstock to see if I could cut them out. First of all everything has to have a SOLID line all the way around or else it will not recognize your image. A couple of sets I had to close up the lines. If your stamp is to busy then it will scan but it will not cut. I have not read the manual long enough to figure out if this will actually work. I also scanned a whole sheet of B&T paper from CTMH called FLIRTY and the scanner detected two flower sets and cut them out. It was a very precise cut. What I like is that once you scan your image do not remove your mat. Leave it in the scanner and it will cut it out where it is. I put a 0.4" border around the stamped image. I love that little white border it gives it.  I also wrote some words with a fat SHARPIE PEN and as long as the letters are connected it will scan and cut. How awesome is that. I may have my grandchildren write their names out and scan and cut them so they can see how they wrote as small children. TFL!
Assorted stampsets..make sure all lines are closed.
Flirty paper pack. Zoom in and see how percise the cut was.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brother Scan and Cut

Okay so last week I was on Facebook and I kept seeing all these ladies posting about a new machine called the Brother Scan and Cut.........hummmm I thought...let's check this out. Well 100's of videos later and reading 100's of posts I decided I just had to have this machine. Granted I already have 2 Cricuts, 1 Pazzle (that I have never used), and the Cricut Imagine that is gathering more and more dust every day.

I just told myself you have to have this machine....look at all the cool stuff it can do. Well it turns out I was right...boy can it so some cool things. I have owned the machine a whopping 18 hours and I am an expert!!
Right...not! But let me tell you the things  I did with it was awesome!!

Please read the manual like I didn't (cut a hole in my new mat). Or jump in like I did. I stamped some images on a white sheet of paper and scanned them in and asked that they get cut out with a .4" border and wow it did just that. I have not even touched the surface of what this machine is capable of doing but once I can really play with it and read the manual I am sure this will be my go to machine.

I will NEVER give up my cricut!! I have to much invested in my machines and I really like the carts that I currently own. I really bought the new SNC mainly so  I could cut out my stamp sets that did not have a cricut cut for them. I have 100's of stampsets that I don't use because I don't want to fussy cut them. So as I do more cutting and playing I will keep everyone updated. TFL!!

Monday, March 10, 2014


This year 2014 I have decide to branch out and embrace my if I didn't have enough to do already! Anyway if I don't have at least 5 pans on the stove I feel like I am missing out on something.

There are 1000s of YouTube videos on how to make bows. Some good and some not so good. Bow making takes lots of practice but once you get it you will never forget. Here a couple of my favorite sites that I go to when I want to make a bow.  "My favorite bows" and "Justaddabow" and finally the "The ribbon Retreat" these three ladies give excellant tutorials and they are very easy to follow.

I only have one Granddaughter and her name is Emma. So guess what Emma gets all the bows I can make. So I went out and have bought 100s of yards of ribbon.....solid colors, thick and thin, designs, no designs you name if I like it I have bought it. I have a hook in my craft room full of ribbon and a metal box of ribbon, a large pickle jar of ribbon, on the desk, on the floor......well I have LOTS of ribbon!! Here are some of the bows that I have made for Miss Emma. I am happy to say that she has loved everyone of them. TFL!!

St. Patty bow
just a bling bow
bow for baby Emily Fox.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014