Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brother Scan and Cut

Okay so last week I was on Facebook and I kept seeing all these ladies posting about a new machine called the Brother Scan and Cut.........hummmm I thought...let's check this out. Well 100's of videos later and reading 100's of posts I decided I just had to have this machine. Granted I already have 2 Cricuts, 1 Pazzle (that I have never used), and the Cricut Imagine that is gathering more and more dust every day.

I just told myself you have to have this machine....look at all the cool stuff it can do. Well it turns out I was right...boy can it so some cool things. I have owned the machine a whopping 18 hours and I am an expert!!
Right...not! But let me tell you the things  I did with it was awesome!!

Please read the manual like I didn't (cut a hole in my new mat). Or jump in like I did. I stamped some images on a white sheet of paper and scanned them in and asked that they get cut out with a .4" border and wow it did just that. I have not even touched the surface of what this machine is capable of doing but once I can really play with it and read the manual I am sure this will be my go to machine.

I will NEVER give up my cricut!! I have to much invested in my machines and I really like the carts that I currently own. I really bought the new SNC mainly so  I could cut out my stamp sets that did not have a cricut cut for them. I have 100's of stampsets that I don't use because I don't want to fussy cut them. So as I do more cutting and playing I will keep everyone updated. TFL!!

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