Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Uncle Arthritis

Well Uncle Arthritis has decided to come and move in to the Morrow household univitied. The nerve of the man..........well I knew it was bound to happen but I am so young (54) can't he find someone else to move in with??

It turns out  that I have bad knees but who doesn't?? I have bone spurs on both my knees and very little cartlidge left. Thank goodness my very cute Dr. said that I did not need surgery and that with excercsie and proper care I can improve the health of my knees. So first thing he said was that I would have to get a series of three injections..........WHAT!! So bravely I went back for them on Tuesday. Of course a lot of people said OMG it is going to hurt really pain at all....quit being a with all that in my head I braced myself. Okay he cleans the injection area and then sprays this super really, really cold spray on my knee..I guess to numb it. Then he said here we go.......holy crap Batman that hurt!!! By the time both knees were filled up with some clear who knows what he smiles and says all done and have a good day!! Really!!!

I get up to walk out of the room and I could hardly stand much for being a good I know why they took my payment  I leave the office hobbling like the hunchback of Notre Dame. I saw a little old lady in a walker and almost walkerjacked her for it.  I felt like a crab trying to get back in the water....

Well I made it to my car and drove to Hobby Lobby. I had to get a buggy which I never do and lean on it the whole time I was there. Let's just say that this was not one of my funnest trips to HL. The Doctor said what ever you do keep moving so bravely I went to the ribbon store to by some ribbon and made my Granddaughter Emma this baseball bow so she can show team spirit to her brother.
I think it came out kind of cute. She loved it and I asked her as she been wearing all the bows that I have made her and she said yes and that all the girls at school were jealous cause she has the best Grandma in the world........awwww shucks!!

Then feeling pretty good I sat and made these baseball charms to sell. I used the Base and Bling square and circle pendants (Z1962 and Z1964). I bought the charms at Hobby Lobby. I love the qualtiy of the pendants that CTMH sells. They are only $4.95 for a package of 3.
I told my boyfriend Adam that I should get an injection everyday. I was a crafting fool yesterday. I really enjoyed making the necklaces. They took me about two hours to make the all.

Thanks listening to me rant and rave about my knees. I took my body for granted but now is the time to really start taking care of it. If only I had listened when I was youner. There are millions of others that have more pain than I do but like the Doctor said pain is pain no matter how severe. I refuse to take drugs to get cured for anything so exercise it is. TFL!

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