Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cricut Subway Art

This obviously is going to be a Cricut month. I am really putting my Cricut and my creativity to the test. My boyfriend Adam has created a "man cave" in my apartment and went with a baseball theme, He has lots of baseballs, memorabilia and baseball seats and jersey among other things in his room. Since we live in a historical home we really can't put anything on the walls since it has the original plaster still on the walls.

Well a canvas isn't really very heavy so I went the net and typed in subway art. Wow there are thousands of choices. I kind of got an idea of what I wanted to make so I turned to the Cricut and just started looking for fonts to match words. My canvas was 20x15 so I had to come up with a lot of words and images. Everything but the bats came from the Cricut design space. The bats were cut with my Brother Scan and Cut. I used outdoor vinyl in black for the letters,

I was right in the middle of creating my project when the lights began to flicker and my battery on my laptop was flashing and I was about to save my project when everything went black....ohhhhh noooooooooooo please, please say I that I pressed the save button in time. We packed up the laptop and ran to a friends house that still had power and thank goodness the save button was pressed in time.  It turns out that someone had an accident and hit a power line and knocked a transformer down and knocked out power in a 5 mile radius. I don't think anyone was hurt to bad.

So for my first subway art it came out pretty good. So take the plunge like I did and make a canvas. Once all the letters were laid out I painted my canvas with Mod Podge to help hold the letters down and to create a shield from dust and dirt. TFL!

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