Monday, December 23, 2013

Knitting Loom

A friend at work introduced to me to the Knitting Loom this past week and I have been going crazy making scraves To tell the truth really just going crazy buying yarn. I went from having one ball of yarn to having like 20 balls of yarn. Sooo back to the loom, after watching numerous videos on YouTube I decided I was ready to take that first step.  Wrong! OMG how can something on YouTube look so easy but be so hard?? After several attempts of trying to figure out which way was right and which was left I finally got the hang of it and now I consider myself a pro...well semi-pro...but really a novice with lots of yarn. I love to use the chunky yarn which really comes out so soft. I have been to Hobby Lobby and to Micheals so many times this past week it is not even funny. I have also found some practice yarn at Big Lots for $1. These scarves came out so cute so they became Christmas presents for my young nieces. So needless to say....a new hobby has begun!! Not that I needed a new craft room is a mess but it is a  big room so what is a couple rolls of yarn added to the ever growing stack of hobbies on the back burner. So here are the first three scraves that I have loom knitted. I think they came out really nice. I wish I could keep them all but I will be giving them away to my sisters and to my mom and my daughter in laws (2). So off to the races because it is the 23 and my sister comes tomorrow. Thanks for looking!!

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