Sunday, February 12, 2012


Our adventures began on a blistery Thursday morning. I arrived at Joy's house at around 10:45 am. I see Glenda and Joy standing in the driveway pointing at their watches. I was only a few minutes late. Scott helped us transport the 1000's of pounds of scrapbook paraphernalia into a 500 ton van, with only three seats in the van we were able to load lots of stuff.

We stopped and ate lunch at Braum's where I had a wonderfully delicious banana split. Believe me I ate every bite!

We finally arrived at the ranch after taking the wrong turn but hey we were able to see some beautiful land as well as some nice homes.

We unpacked and immediately started scrapping. Joy, Glenda and I were some of the few lucky scrappers that arrived on Thursday. All three of us actually got a lot accomplished Thursday night. On Friday the rest of the ladies showed up. It was awesome to renew friendships and make new ones. We had a room full of happy scrappers........NO MEN ANYWHERE other that Matt who runs the show. For those of you that had a crush on Matt he is now off the market. He is a newlywed!

Boy did the weather turn cold quickly....Friday night it got down to 30 degrees. That did not stop anyone from scrapping. Many ladies stayed up until the wee hours of the night. I finally gave in at 2 a.m.

Melissa had many challenges for us to participate in and they were all fun. One challenge was to make a card using our 3-d shapes. Of course Joy and I entered the contest and pushed each other to finish in the timeframe given to us which was one hour. I told her now I know how the chefs feel in the show "Chopped". I told her our contest was called "Scrapped". Only 5 ladies participated and I am happy to report that Joy placed in 1st place!!

Over all the retreat was wonderful. I was able to finish my swap challenge for Joy's swap which includes a 12x12 layout and one card. After seeing the items Joy and Glenda made I knew I had to step up my game. I also made a tea bag holder, a mini scrapbook, a valentines card,and a  magnetic board.

I met some really nice ladies at this year's retreat. I would like to give a shout out to Mary and Jessica for showing us their copic skills. I would like to thank Christi and Wendy for letting me ride with them to Winstar Casino in Oklahoma. We had a blast.

I would like to thank all the ladies that came to my table and complimented my mini albums and my skills. You guys really made me feel good. Thanks to Lauri for purchasing my Roxie mini album. That was a great surprise that someone wanted to purschase something I made.

I am now home and all my stuff is in the living room. One day this week I will unpack. I just wanted to enjoy being home and basking in the memories of the retreat.

Thank you Joy and Glenda for being such great roommates and scrapmates. I am looking forward to next year.


Jazzy Nurse said...

Well Terry, this truly was a rosey picture of my memories of the retreat. My story starts a little different......It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon when Jessica and I drove to Gainesville, Texas. Passing many a pasture and cow.Each day a little more interesting then the previous. Many happy-hearted scrappers surrounded the tables. The evenings were cool and the nights brisk as I ran thru the opening between the ranch house and Mr Goodnight's house. I could hear the coyotes in the background as I grabbed my copics and took off for another adventurous night in the twin bed loft. LMBO! I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you soon, maybe at a festival or carnival. Thank you for sharing your art with me. I loved the few minutes I was able to pick your brain! Be blessed.

Joy said...

You're the greatest! Good memories, Terry.