Friday, February 12, 2010


We rarely get snow in East Texas and when we do everyone panics....people forget how to drive, power goes out and everyone floods the grocery stores and everyone calls in at work. Well last night our weather man was right for once and we actually got snow at least 5-6 inches of it and it is so so pretty. Of course they called us and said we didn't have to go to work and we DO get paid for not coming in(wohoo!) and of course my cupboards are bare but thats okay cause when you get to stay home from work you can do anything you want so I had a chili-cheese dog for breakfast and man was it good! The snow is melting fast and it will be yucky slush by this afternoon but it was worth getting out of bed early and going outside and just listening to the sounds of nature. It was great. I was taking photos with my camera and camera phone and also with my flip camera. I have to say it again it was so pretty. My mom called and said don't leave the house for anything but I may venture out this afternoon. I thank the good Lord above for protecting us all last night and for giving us such a beautiful day today. Thank you.

I still have power and heat and most importantly internet service but even if I didn't it would still be a great day. So enough rambling........going back outside to retake some photos cause I just realized I didn't have a memory stick in my camera when I took those earlier shots. What a dummy. Enjoy and everyone stay safe no matter where you are at.

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Whimcees said...

Enjoy the snow! It is beautiful right after the snowfall when everything is all sparkly and white!

Take care and have a Happy Valentine weekend!