Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gelli Plate Art

I bought Gelli Plate about a month ago and let me tell you this thing is awesome. Did I say awesome!! All you need is some paint and an imagination and some cool tools. And by tools all you need is things from around the house. I use tops from bottles and pens and pencils and even a fork. I watched tons of videos before I even put my first drop of paint on my Gelli plate.

So I put some paper down on the Gelli plate so I could have some clear spots. Notice that here on the first photo.

Leave clear spots on your plate so you can add cool effects later. By the way you MUST let your paint dry between layers.The paint goes on pretty thin so just be patient. You do not want to mess up your work of art by getting in a hurry. Believe it will be worth the time in the end.

So once all my layers were dry and ready to be lifted I put some clear packing tape on the plate. This will not harm your plate at all since you are really just laying it on top of the paint. Burnish your tape down really well with a brayer or your hand, Becareful not to gouge your plate or you will put a hole in there and it will be there forever.

Here is what my tape looked like once I lifted the paint off the Gelli plate. Looks pretty cool doesn't it! The tape is still sticky on back where you left the clear spots. Now here comes the fun part. I grabbed some glimmer or shimmer  powder and a paint brush and applied it all over the tape even the part that had paint on it.....just to be on the safe side.

Wow don't you think this came out great! I used 4 different colors and on one strip I even put it on a dictionary page. Not as colorful but still just as cool.

So I decided since the first one came out pretty cool I would try this again. This time I used a flower stamp and bubble wrap and an embossing folder. Instead of using tape I used clear book cover tape. It comes on a big roll and it was just sitting there. I was very pleased on how well this turned out. I put the shimmer dust behind it and I plan on cutting it into small strips to make some one of a kind washi tape. I am using double sided tape for this.

This is the print before pulling it off the plate.

Here is the finished product with the dust behind it.I can't wait to use it for my future projects. 
All I need to do now is go around the house collecting cool shapes and objects to use with my Gelli Plate. Just remember do not use anything sharp because it will cause damage to your plate. The only rule is to be PATIENT! Have fun and thanks for looking.

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