Friday, September 5, 2014


I can remember back in High School when I used to be fit and play every sport offered to us girls back then. Wow they were not kidding when they said the pounds would creep up on you. I think I have gained at least 50 pound in 36 years. Not bad but not good either.

I have tried diets and diets. I have bought CDs on exercise, I have joined the gym.  I just can not seem to get the weight off. I am happy with my body but who doesn't want to lose the first 10 pounds.then 20 and so on.  No matter how much weight I lost someone includeing myself is always going to think I am fat.

So I have decided that the month of September is going to be my month to jump start my exercise program(lol).  I only live 4 tenths of a mile from my job and since the weather is trying to get cooler I have been walking to work. Monday was Labor Day so we were off of work. Tuesday and Wednesday I walked my little trek.....not to bad but that humidity almost did me in. Thursday and Friday I rode my bike. I was kind of scared but I made it. Up hill both ways.

I just wanted to post of picture of me on my bike so when I come back to my blog I can see myself and stay inspired. I am also running in my first minimarathon this weekend(09-06-2014). Will post photos next week. I am not looking to become a fashion model I just want to lose 10 pounds..........
WIll post pictures after the race next week. TFL!

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Jessica Griffin said...

Good for you Terry! Hope the marathon went well! xo