Thursday, August 14, 2014


Everytime you look up someone is posting a selfie on Facebook or on Instragram or even Twitter. I am rarely in front of the camera so today in honor of my new hair cut I decided to do a selfie.

When I was married I had very long hair down to my waist. It was so heavy and thick. I could not do anything with it other than wear it in a ponytail. There was hair all over the house, in the vacumn cleaner in my clothing....everywhere. When I finally cut it 12" it was such a relief. It was still below my shoulders. I tried many hair styles but finally decided to go short. I had pixie haircuts growing up. I started at my shoulders and have eventually gone up. My hair is very thick and still takes just as much time caring for it as it did when it was long. For now I am going to enjoy the cool breeze blowing on my neck until winter when I am going to wish I had long hair covering my neck. TFL!!

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