Friday, October 8, 2010

Finally back to normal I think?

       Well the fair has ended and I survived working 11 days straight and standing on my feet 15 hours a day plus doing two shows on top of doing the fair and all is back to normal. Well except maybe house cleaning and washing. The weather for the fair this year was beautiful and sometimes even a little chilly compared to last year which was 100 degrees plus everyday of the fair.  A new fair was hired which had some really cool rides and an awesome petting zoo and some really nice employees. Everyone was nice and people were there to spend cash. This may be the last year to do that as everyone starts to tighten their belts for the months of uncertainty ahead of us.
       I made the front page of the local newspaper which was awesome so being some sort of a celebrity I am packing my bags and heading to 'HOLLYWOOD". Not really! I did make a commercial for the local tv station and was quoted in the newspaper and now making the front page so this year has been totally awesome. Now if I could just win the lotto things would be perfect.
      I am having crafting withdrawls and have not crafted since September 19th when I made 15 Baptism invitations. Dang and I think I lost my mojo............have no fear though I have been staying up late viewing all kinds of blogsites and watching tons of look for some new postings soon.
      I broke down and bought my self two new toys.............will post pictures on Sunday. I decided might as well get them now while I had some spare cash and besides I will never be able to afford to retire so I might as well spend my cash now.
      We have 11 shows left this my poor feet and back. But it is fun and worth all the hard work so I can buy the things I like to play with. I work for a friend during the weekends going to differant venues selling funnel cakes, fried pickles, hamburgers, corndogs, turkey legs and assorted fair foods.
       I am sitting here resting before I leave work to go work...we will be in Marshall, Texas working the FIREANT FESTIVAL. Have a great weekend and go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. PEACE!

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Whimcees said...


Wow! - 11 straight days and and on your feet for 15 hours a day! Whoa woman - that is taking it to the top! And becoming a front page celebrity! :<) I am impressed!!!

I am so behind with my visiting but wanted to say hello and wish you a happy day!


Barbara Diane