Monday, July 19, 2010


Okay so I bought the scal last week cause I heard so many cool things about it and have seen what it can do in person.....OMG! talk about feeling dumb. I know nothing and was getting very frustrated and screaming and cussing(sorry Adam) and just going crazy. Well needless to say after watching a few videos I figured out how to use the trace function and finally was able to save something. I think I sprouted up a million gray hairs in the process. This is what I saved and cut out. I think I cut it at 4 inches and used HL paper and CTMH inks for the edges. Maybe some nice ladies like Pam and Mel(hint, hint) will help me figure this program out before they admit me into Rusk State Hospital. Thanks for looking. I have to go spit the soap out of my mouth for all the cussing I did.

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Whimcees said...

Hang in there! You aren't alone! :<)

Wishing you a happier day today!

Barbara Diane