Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sorry I have been bad

with my postings. I am going to be downloading lots of them right now. So I apologize to my followers for not being a better blogger. I really have been very busy but now in three more weeks I will have a 6 week vacation from my part-time weekend job. This means no more working 60 hour weeks for awhile but I sure will miss the extra cash. We try to take the month of August off because of the heat here in Texas and then we start up again in September. I work for a friend on the weekends doing a consession stand and we go to differant craft shows and festivals thoughout East Texas. Lots of fun and good cash but lots of work. We do 60 to 65 shows a year. We were only rained out twice last year. This year(2010) we have been rained out once and believe it or not snowed out once. So back to my postings and thanks for being a follower of my blog.

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